Funeral Planning: What to Consider

Funeral planning can be an effective way to alleviate stress from your loved ones by planning and paying for your funeral before the time of need. Taking out a funeral plan means that you can make your final wishes known and pay for your funeral in a lump sum or monthly instalments.

Although it may seem daunting to discuss how you would like your funeral to be, it is imperative to ensure that you have the funeral that you would have wanted and make matters simpler for your loved ones at a difficult time. When buying a Funeral Directors Alliance funeral plan through your local, FDA approved Funeral Director, you will have the chance to customise your plan to reflect the funeral that you would want. 

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Funeral Planning – The Details

In order to choose which funeral plan is best for you it is necessary that your trusted Funeral Director asks some questions for you to decide the type of funeral that you would like. 

Would you want to be buried or cremated? Deciding whether you would like a cremation or burial is an essential step in funeral planning, not only can it affect the price of the funeral but also can be restricted by location or religion.  

You can also choose to have a funeral with a service or not. Direct cremations, which are a cremation with no service or chapel of rest viewing, are rising in popularity. Families of those who go for this type of funeral will usually hold a Celebration of Life ceremony or memorial at a later date. The Funeral Directors Alliance Simple Plan is a direct cremation and is for those who wish for a no fuss affair and to keep matters simple for their loved ones. 

If you have followed a particular religion throughout your life, you may want this to be reflected in your final farewell, therefore it would follow the rules of a religious service and be held in a particular place of worship. However, an atheist can choose to have a humanist service which focuses on the life the person led with no references to any God or religion.

Personal Wishes

There are many ways in which you can ensure that your funeral will be a touching representation of you and your life through personal wishes which can be documented in your funeral plan. Your local Funeral Director will aim to ensure that your personal wishes are carried out to make your funeral a true celebration of your life. 

Requesting readings from your favourite poems or novels, songs from your most played artists or photographs of you and your loved ones to be shown can be warming ways for your loved ones to find comfort in giving you a personal send off. A certain type of attire such as a sports jersey of the team you support or fancy dress can be a way to nod to your personality and life. 

Spreading the Cost

Not only does Funeral Planning allow you to make your wishes known but you are able to make financial provisions for your funeral in order to remove the financial burden from your loved ones. The cost of funerals is rising which means that when the time comes your funeral could cost a lot more than anticipated. Purchasing a funeral plan with the Funeral Directors Alliance means that you will lock the cost of the services included in your plan at today’s price. There is also the option to either pay the amount in full or monthly instalments over a set amount of years that suit your budget. 

To find out more about our funeral plans and how The Funeral Directors Alliance can help you when funeral planning, feel free to contact us or call one of our helpful advisors on 0800 411 8685. 

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