Prepaid Funeral Plan Benefits

A Prepaid Funeral Plan is an effective way to plan and pay for your funeral, allowing you to clearly document your personal wishes so that your funeral will be carried out exactly how you would have wanted.

Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral Plan from the Funeral Directors Alliance:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance

    There is no medical required to take out a prepaid funeral plan and you can choose to take one out at any age. You may also decide to take out a plan for someone else such as a partner, parent or friend. 

  • Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

    Once you have taken out a plan, there will be nothing more for your loved ones to pay towards the Funeral Directors services included in your plan. 

  • Affordable Payment Options

    There are a number of different options for you to decide how you would like to pay for your plan, you can either pay in a lump sum or split the cost over a number of years in a way that is affordable to you and your budget.

  • Protection Against Rising Funeral Costs

    The average cost of a funeral has increased by 130%* over the last 15 years, by purchasing a Funeral Plan you will lock the cost of the Funeral Director’s services in your plan at today’s price. 

  • Personalise your Plan

    We offer a wide range of extras which can be added to your plan to ensure that your funeral is a true reflection of you and a celebration of your life.

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Prepaid Funeral Plan Alternatives

There are some alternative options to finance your funeral however these can prove unreliable.

Savings accounts could take too long to get funds released at the time of need and will not protect you and your loved ones from rising funeral costs. Over 50s insurance is another option however they may not pay out if you go to live on past a certain age and again will not increase inline with the rising funeral costs.

With a Prepaid Funeral Plan from the Funeral Directors Alliance, any monies from your plan will be paid into a safe and secure Trust Fund and your loved ones will not have to contribute anything further towards the services included in your plan. 

For more information about our prepaid funeral plans, contact us or call one of our helpful advisors on 0800 411 8685.

*Source : SunLife (2021), Cost of Dying Report 

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