What do you need to consider when planning your funeral?

If you’re looking to plan your own funeral, you aren’t alone. According to the Guardian, around 1.3 million people in the UK have already taken out a prepaid funeral plan.

Cost is neither the first nor the last question you should ask as you plan your own funeral. It’s a constant issue that will probably need re-evaluating as you go along as it is a sensitive issue, doubly so if you’re planning your own. Do you want an elaborate memorial service? Have you saved up enough money to pay for it? If not, you run the risk of leaving behind a lot for your loved ones to pay for.

When it comes to planning your own funeral, the first step is deciding what’s most important to you. We believe it’s best to focus on where you stand from a religious, ethical, or personal standpoint and work from there. Cost will factor into this, but you shouldn’t compromise on the aspects of your funeral that you believe are most important.

Here are some of the things you may want to consider including when you plan for your funeral in advance:

  • Do you want a cremation or burial?
  • Would you prefer a service at a place of worship, or a the crematorium/Cemetery?
  • Would you like a limousine for your family to follow the hearse in a funeral procession?
  • What flowers would you like on your coffin?
  • Would you like a particular type of coffin? Wicker? Wood?
  • Who would you like to give your eulogy?
  • Do you have any favourite hymns or songs you would like your friends and family to remember you by?
  • If you are cremated, where would you like your ashes to be spread?

There are many questions to be answered and we can help you go through the various options available and help you choose a funeral plan that suits you. You can also leave an allowance for an extra special touches you may want included.

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